Semi-permanent eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrow make up is now an established beauty procedure, it also known as micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing, it is hypo-allergenic and there are no fragrances, it is widely used around the world and has proven to be a safe and effective beauty treatment as well as receiving medical approval the pigment lasts between 1-3 years depending on the colour used and your life style, although a yearly top up is recommended to keep colour fresh and vibrant.

Imagine having beautiful eyebrows every day that are exactly the right shape and colour without even having to open your makeup bag, throw away those eye brow pencils. As my most popular cosmetic procedure with a range of styles, this treatment has helped countless clients ranging from 18-80 + feel more confident and happier in their own skin. Your eyebrows will be designed taking into account your facial features and natural bone structure to create something that is going to suit your face, so every set of eyebrows will be unique to the individual. I discuss different methods beforehand to ensure I can create the desired look you are after, whether that be hair strokes, combination brows, powder or ombre. Like all of my permanent makeup treatments, you will require a retouch four to six weeks later and often adjustments can be made if needed.

Who benefits from semi permanent eyebrows? 

Woman who suffer from alopecia, woman who want to correct asymmetrical eye brows, sports woman or athletes, people with poor eye sight, also those who are make-up sensitive or are simply tired of pencilling eyebrows every day. Woman with sparse or no eyebrow hair and men also benefit from these techniques.

Please note: Touch up is £50 and it is not included in the price. Touch up is due in 4-6 weeks later after the initial treatment. 

Powder Brows


Hairstroke Brows


Combination Brows


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Semi-permanent lip 

Imagine having beautiful defined fuller looking lips that are the perfect colour for you 24 hours a day without even opening your make-up bag.  Any woman can benefit from semi-permanent lip colour, this treatment will give you a fuller pout and restore a youthful definition to fading lips. If age has taken away colour, shape and definition then semi-permanent lip colour is the answer for you. As we age we naturally lose pigment from the vermilion border of the lips. A lip blush treatment can not only helped restore what has been lost, but we can create more symmetry and achieve an overall better shape. The lips can appear fuller without the need of using dermal fillers.

We have plenty of colours to choose from to achieve natural results or more of a vibrant look should you wish.  The more adventurous may choose a bright bold lip colour but most clients prefer a colour close to their own natural lip colour perfect for every day but can build upon if need be. You can choose from a lip line to recreate shape, a lip line with blush ( colour blended through the lip line to create a softer line) for those with lost volume in lips or a full lip tint, all of which will correct imperfections and give your lips more definition by using colours that enhance your natural lips, recreate your Cupid’s bow and unevenness and have a profound anti-ageing effect.  

A retouch is included six weeks later where adjustments can be made to the colour if required. This service is known for providing remarkable results.

Who chooses semi-permanent lip liner makeup?

People who benefit from semi-permanent lip treatment, anyone wanting a fuller looking pout, woman with lost volume and colour, sports woman and athletes.

Please note: Touch up is £50 and it is not included in the price. Touch up is due in 4-6 weeks later after the initial treatment. 

Lip Liner Enhance


Aquarelle Lip Blush


Contour & Half Lip Blush


Full Blush


Ombre Lip Blush


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Semi-permanent eyeliner

Semi-permanent eye liner is perfect for people with sensitive eyes, for people who wear contact lenses or just for people who find it hard to apply due to poor eye sight or unsteady hands.This service is very individualised and customised so that each client can achieve their desired results. Everyone has different eye shapes so this is taken into account when deciding which eyeliner would be the most suited to you. We all know bright defined eye makeup can help create a fresh youthful appearance. For many woman applying eye liner can be a tricky and time consuming task, which often produces results that smudge and fade throughout the day.

I offer various techniques and looks, from a subtle lash enhancement to a more defined classic eyeliner. A lash enhancement is designed to give the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes and is tattooed just within the lash line without going into the lid, perfect for those who maybe aren’t used to wearing eyeliner on a daily basis. A classic eyeliner is tapered with a little flick same as shaded eyeliner and lash enhancement but with a bit more definition. I offer a shaded eyeliner technique which once healed will be softer in appearance. I can also give you a fabulous Latino eye liner or make your eye lashes look thicker by applying colour right in the lash line. There’s a fabulous range of shades to choose from, from classic black to soft browns and greys, If you would like to discuss the different options and find out more, please do get in touch.

Who benefits from semi-permanent eye liner make up?

Woman who want smudge free look all day and night and want their eyes to look more vibrant and less bare. Those with sparse lashes or those whose eye lashes are thin. For eyes that are inclined to water in the cold and wind and they are perfect for people who are visibly impaired. Woman who are allergic to conventional make-up also enjoy the benefits of semi-permanent eye liner makeup.

Please note: Touch up is £50 and it is not included in the price. Touch up is due in 4-6 weeks later after the initial treatment. 

Eyelash enhancement TOP or BOTTOM


Eyelash enhancement TOP and BOTTOM


Eyeliner & Latino Eyeliner 

£200 & £220

Smokey Eyeliner



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